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Rubber Flooring Benefits:

  • Improves your comfort – Absorbs Sound & Impact
  • Keeps you safe – Slip resistant
  • Installs Easy – Simply Interlocks
  • Easy to Maintain – Stain resistant
  • Lasts long – Durable

Recycled Rubber Flooring Applications:

Our high quality rubber surfaces are suitable for the following flooring applications:

  • Gym flooring
  • Free weight areas
  • Spinning areas
  • Fitness Centres
  • Recreation Centres
  • Home gym rubber flooring
  • Garage gym flooring

Rest assured we’ve got you covered with the right rubber flooring solution for your specific case.

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More About Rubber Flooring in Vancouver

Rubber flooring in Vancouver has come a long way since its first usage in industrial complexes where it was first introduced as a way to protect concrete floors against damage caused by the dropping of tools, materials and the force of heavy machine in use. Rubber flooring remains to be the superior choice for athletic facilities as it provides long-term durability, stain resistance, and overall comfort. Rubber flooring is usually installed within a day and may be done manually without the use of any tools. Rubber flooring is considered an ideal flooring option for both domestic and commercial projects.

Home use of rubber flooring is now extremely popular for home gyms, entertainment areas and in many cases of the garage area. When it comes to aesthetic appearance, many householders believe that rubber flooring can’t compete with hardwood, stone, and bamboo floor covering. Following the initial craze for rubber flooring progresses in home gyms and training studios, the popularity has risen when we realized that they can be used in many other ways.

Rubber Flooring Tiles and Rubber Flooring Rolls are two of the most well-known types of rubber flooring which happens to be traditionally used in houses and commercial centres. Interlocking Floor tiles tend to be made out of a crumb rubber material that has a color fleck. You will find varieties of rubber flooring tiles available for sale which come in a variety of colors, designs, dimension, textures, and styles. Rubber floor tiles can be easier to install than rubber sheets because they come in smaller, individual pieces that can be moved and adjusted with less difficulty.

Industrial rubber flooring is great for commercial customers simply because it’s very hard wearing and affords a huge amount of grip underfoot.

Recycled rubber flooring products are a viable alternative to more conventional basement flooring solutions. Recycled rubber floor tiles would really ensure that even if somebody falls down, there is no risk of a major injury. Recycled rubber mulches have popularly been used for playground surfacing as well as for landscaping in the backyards/gardens. Recycled rubber flooring is principally fabricated out of old tires.

Rubber Flooring sold as gym rubber flooring usually includes a double sided anti slip surface. Rubber gym flooring is a safe and durable option. The home gym in particular is a room in which rubber flooring would be really well suited. Rubber Flooring is really durable and it will withstand heavy furniture and gym equipment.

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